Hello, I'm Alexandru Simion, the author of "Dizzy and The Other Side" and the creator of the DizzyAGE engine.
Working officially in the games industry since the year 2000,
I had the chance to learn the skills needed to finish a big project, and the required level of polish.
I am a Dizzy fan ever since I played "Magic Land", many years ago, and I always wanted to create a Dizzy game myself.
The love for adventure games and good stories made me pay special attention to these aspects in the design of "The Other Side",
and it helped me to express my own vision on the wonderful universe of Yolkfolk.
I hope you'll enjoy playing this game, as much as I enjoyed making it!
"Dizzy", "The Yolkfolk" and all related characters and titles are trademarks of
Blitz Games Limited ("Blitz") and The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters").
All rights reserved. Dizzy and The Yolkfolk created by The Oliver Twins.