These pages contain an Aladdins cave of bits that we have bundled together for you. 


Dizzy appeared in many game magazines over the years. 

- Magazine Articles 
- Magazine Covers 
- Magazine Game Maps 

Game Items 

Various useful things which may be useful to you. 

- Adverts 
- Game Cover scans 
- Game Manual scans 
- Game Posters 

Miscellaneous Downloads 

Various goodies for the fans. 

- Misc. Downloads 
- Mobile Goodies 
- Drawn map of Wonderland Dizzy 
- Dreamworld Pogie - NES Source code 

Other Stuff 

- Dizzy Fanart 
- Dizzy Memorabilia 
Fake screenshots 
- Online Articles 
- Yolkfolk.com's Photo Gallery 
- Dizzy's 25th Anniversary Gallery 
- Dizzy Returns concept art