Yolkfolk vs. Yolkville 2007
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 27 Jun 2007 12:49

Here we go folks, the rewrite of one of my earlier games is now online :)


The Yolkville village lies far off into the woods, it can only be accessed through a route in the mine. 
The Yolkfolk never really got on with the villagers from the Yolkville village because of them being identical etc. but with a huge difference. The Yolkville village is not as happy and friendly as the Yolkfolk village and always jealous of the Yolkfolk's good luck mainly due to Dizzy's high experience as an Adventurer. 
One day, some of the Yolkville villagers decide to do something drastic and kidnap Grand Dizzy when he was taking his morning walk. But unknown to them, Dieno the Egg, wanderer of Zakeria was watching them take Grand Dizzy and tells Dizzy about it. 
Dizzy prepares to leave his hut, rescue Grand Dizzy and wipe the smile of the Yolkville villagers' faces. 

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