Yolkfolk Status Update and News Round-up (Jun 2019)
Posted by | 25 Jun 2019 15:50

Hi folks, just another gathering of what's been happening recently.
Unfortunately, it doesn't involve plotting some form of revenge on a certain video game nerd....
(See previous news post).
But I digress.
Let's begin with news from this site:

Games Database:
This is mainly for the Official Games section.
ALL the cheats on each of the games page have had a major clean up with the Cheats/Pokes, Game maps and Walkthroughs given their own special sections, plus.

-- New walkthroughs added to the Adventure games pages.
-- Spectrum cheats for 'Treasure Island Dizzy', 'Fantasy World Dizzy' and 'Prince of the Yolkfolk' have been added.
-- Walkthroughs for 'Spellbound Dizzy' (The helpline transcript) and 'Fantastic Dizzy' have been given their own pages as they're both too long to fit into the small text boxes.
-- NES game maps for 'The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy' have been added.
If there are any other cheats and maps that are missing from this site, do let us know as we are very determined to make sure that everything you see on this site are as accurate as possible.
And on that note - Panic Dizzy.
Panic Dizzy (or Dizzy Panic) has now been split into two pages - one being the original release for the home computer systems and the other that was released on consoles as they're both completley different games.
At this time, only the Master System/Game Gear version is shown on the new page.

- Panic Dizzy (Original release)
- Panic Dizzy (Console version) 

(If anyone has the manual for 'The Excellent Dizzy Collection' lying around, can you let us know if THAT version of Panic Dizzy has a different story to the one mentioned here.)

Page cleaning:
Many of the pages on this site have been given a new look using tables to make each page look much tidier and polished.
Some of which like the pages within' the "Merchandise" and "Articles" sections have been in serious need of revamping.
We hope you will enjoy the new looks to the pages.

Game Music:
The Official Game Music page has had the biggest revemp of them all, again spilt into two pages.
The page itself is now a huge library of Dizzy music in both MP3 format and in OGG format for the fangame makers.

We hope to find a way of adding the NES and Sega Master System tunes to the library somewhere down the line.
The second page contains the other music files in AY, SID, MOD, NSF and SNDH formats.
- Game Music page

Game Remixes:
More Dizzy remixes have been added and all the MIDI files have been moved to the page too.

- Game Remixes page

Links page:
Some sad news here.

Back in May - Swiat Dizzy (dizzy.pl) - The longest running Polish Dizzy site closed its doors back in May without any explanation.
Our thoughts are with the Polish Dizzy fans and we hope to provide the same content that was previously hosted on that site.
This means that for the Links page, another dig around the net for any old Dizzy sites still online such as the two Russian sites, 'Dizzy Encyclopedia' and 'The Unofficial Codemasters website' (Both no longer updated).

- Links page

Old News Articles:
OK, now this one won't be of any use to some of you, except for anybody who is keen on this site's history dating back to 2007.
Back in 2017, you may remember that this site had a major rebuild.
That rebuild also meant different URLs, especially with the Games Database which left all the links and some images in the old News Articles between 2007 and 2016 no longer working.
All the broken links in those News posts have been fixed.
Including the links on certain threads in the Community Forums.

Lastly on site related updates, if you're wondering why we still haven't got round to bringing back the remaining pages that are missing from this build of the site.
It's simply because that due to other time constraints, it is still yet to be team discussed about what or where to place those remaining pages and sections.

I can only hope it will be done before this decade is over.
You should know us by now! :P

In other news:

Dizzy Scripting Engine - v1.1.0 released:
We announced its release on the previous news round-up.


This special engine (also known as Dizzy SE) was created by Hippiman to give Dizzy fans the chance to create their own adventures for the Spectrum TR-DOS.

The latest update released on the 24th June is said to be an important one.

Manuals are translated to English!
Fixed several bugs, both in the game engine and in the IDE.

Made many changes and improvements to the IDE and game engine:

  • Manuals are included in the distribution and open directly from the IDE.
  • The interface has been slightly improved.
      New features in the scripting language:
    • CALL (script number) - allows you to call one script from another, with the subsequent return back. Allows you to save space in big scripts.
    • PUSH(variable) POP(variable) -These two functions implement an ingame stack for 30 values.
    • REDRAW_OBJECT(variable) - redraws the specified object and updates the material map below it.
    • UPDATE_MAT_OBJECT (VARIABLE) - updates the material map under the object without redrawing the screen.
    • REDRAW_HUD() - redraws the header of the screen. Or rather the counter of lives and coins without a complete redrawing of the screen. The name of the room is displayed when screen is completely redrawn.
    • GOTOROOM(variable, variable), ROOMFIND (variable,variable) - These are two old functions, now they exist with such types of parameters.
  • Dynamic objects are drawn taking into account the frame field, regardless of whether animation is included in them or not.
  • Slightly changed the physics of the movement of the character.
  • The IDE has added the ability to obtain project statistics. The log window displays a summary of the size of all project files: how much space the file takes and how much space is left.
  • Also checked the type of music track (single chip, turbo sound).
  • Changed the storyboard player animations. Now 4 frames are allocated for IDLE animation, and 3 frames for DEATH.

Thanks to Hippiman for sharing this update with us.

- Dizzy Scripting Engine website

The Oliver Twins at Revival 2019:
Of course, Philip and Andrew have been very busy lately too!

This time they've been doing their presentation on the creation of Dizzy at this year's Revival event.
Plus a 'Q & A session' and an update on the development on 'Wonderful Dizzy'.

- Watch the video

You can also find this listed on our Videos page under 'Interviews and Presentations'.

Retro Tea Break with The Olivers:
The Retro Man Cave recently had the chance to speak with Philip and Andrew individually with a 15 minute show, 'Retro Tea Break'.

Retro Tea Break with The Oliver Twins - PART 1 - Philip
Retro Tea Break with The Oliver Twins - PART 2 - Andrew
You can also find this listed on our Videos page under 'Interviews and Presentations'.

Update from Panic Dizzy NES Kickstarter:
Chris Wilkins recently shared this photo of what's to come for those who backed the recent Kickstarter.


These goodies are being sent to Chris from the USA sometime next week and will be signed by the Olivers.

That's about it for now.
Happy Dizzying!

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