Yolkfolk Status Update (Dec 2018)
Posted by | 14 Dec 2018 13:06

This year, we've had a long hot summer, a stormy autumn and some activity on the Dizzy front.
Let's begin with what's happened on this site.
Online games:
The online games section has had a tidy up.

Due to an unexplainable technical problem, all online Spectrum games have been set to 48k mode for the time being.
There are also unexplainable technical problems with playing online on both the Wonderland Dizzy and Dreamworld Pogie sites, but the ROMs are still available to download on their respective sites.
The Videos page is now back on the site, gathering up what's going on with Dizzy or The Oliver Twins in the world of YouTube.
As ever, there are videos on YouTube that we either haven't got round to adding or there are ones we are currently unaware of.

-- All links now open a new browser tab to YouTube.
-- Any videos that are removed from YouTube will also be removed from the Videos page. So beyond our control, expect the lists to change from time to time.
-- If you wish to make a contribution to the Videos page or there's anything we haven't added yet, feel free to contact us on the Forum or on Social Media.
-- The categories are:
      - Fan Videos
      - Interviews and Presentations
      - Official
      - Reviews
      - Walkthroughs and Longplays
      - Yolkfolk.com's Videos

The Links page has been tidied up with all links now opening a new browser tab.
Any broken links will be removed from the page.
Game Audio:
-- Game Sounds and Jingles:
Page tidied up, now includes zips with both .WAV and .OGG files.
-- Game Remixes:
Page tidied up with some titles renamed and some new remixes added.

The Community Forums:
The forums theme has been changed again with a more basic look for the time being.
And in other news.
Dizzy's New Adventure (Demo):

Apologies for not making a news post about this sooner.
Verm-V released a playable DizzyAGE demo currently called 'Dizzy's New Adventure'.


The game itself with mind blowing graphics and music is expected to released sometime in 2019.
- Discuss on the Forums
Dizzy's Return to Bago Bago Island:
Steve Johnstone has given Dizzy another trip to Bago Bago Island.


- Discuss on the Forums

Update on Wonderful Dizzy:

According to the Wonderful Dizzy site, the game was due to be released towards the end of this year.
However, we have confirmation from Evgeniy Barskiy (one of the project members) saying that It's now looking likely that Wonderful Dizzy will not be ready until sometime in 2019 due to slow progress, especially for a game that is said to be huge.


We will of course keep you updated when we hear any more news on the game's progress.
10+ Million hits!:

In case you haven't noticed the counter at the bottom of this site, we have managed to reach over 10 million hits!


We would like to thank everybody who has visited and supported this site over the years.
It's been a fantastic journey!
Donate to Yolkfolk.com:

In order to help maintain running costs and add eggciting new content, we ask you if you could spare a 'cup of coffee' to donate to the site.
This Fansite is maintained and run by avid fans and continues to be the hub for all things Dizzy.
- http://paypal.me/yolkfolk
Lastly, we are of course more active on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
If you have a Facebook account, you can also join us in the group 'Dizzy : Retrogaming'.
That's all for now.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.