Wonderland Dizzy - Released!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 25 Oct 2015 18:00

I'm sure many of you will remember reading about Wonderland Dizzy - The adventure that never saw the light of day.......until now!


That's right! This is the Dizzy reveal we've been waiting for!
The NES adventure featuring Dizzy and Daisy as playable characters is now available to play online (and to download too if you have an NES Emulator). 


The special thanks for making this release possible goes to ?ukasz Kur from ?wiat Dizzy who recieved a floppy disk from The Oliver Twins containing the data from the game. 
Wonderland Dizzy also has It's own website featuring the game itself, the trailer for the game, the story of the game's discovery and details of the exclusive #IBeatDizzy Competition. 
This game's entry on our Games Database has now been moved from the Unreleased Games section to the Official Adventure Games section.
Hope you all enjoy playing this long lost Dizzy adventure! 

- Visit the Wonderland Dizzy website 

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