Videos from the Centre for Computing History
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 30 Oct 2015 15:49

Our day in Cambridge was certainly a memorable time. 
The Centre for Computing History's YouTube channel has recently released two seperate videos featuring the launch of the "Let's Go Dizzy!" book and the unveiling of Wonderland Dizzy. 
Watch the "Let's Go Dizzy" launch
Watch the Wonderland Dizzy launch
If you've visited our Facebook page recently, you'll notice that there are photos from us taken from our day at the event which you can see on this link. 
- View the Facebook album "Let's Go Dizzy 2015" 

There are plans to upload the photos onto this site down the line, including ones that aren't on the Facebook page. 

I don't know when the photos will appear here as we're all busy at the moment. 
But in the meantime though, here is a photo of us at the event!

From left to right - Philip Oliver, Peter Teal, Lukasz Kur, Andrew Joseph, Adam Markey and Andrew Oliver.


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