The Oliver Twins hint at a new Dizzy Adventure
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 26 Sep 2015 16:15

On the 16th September this year, this question appeared on the Oliver Twins' Facebook and Twitter feeds:

Just wondering... would people like a new Dizzy game by The Oliver Twins? 

Then 10 days later (26th September), this announcement appeared.

I'm really eggcited !
Daisy will be joining me in my next adventure.
Reveal... 24th October! (more details soon)


Is it possible that the Oliver Twins have a new long awaited Dizzy adventure up their sleeves?
We will certainly keep an eye out for any more news down the line! :)

UPDATE - Just learned that on the 24th October, the Oliver Twins are attending a full day retro gaming event at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.

Maybe this is when they'll reveal the news about Dizzy, along with news of an upcoming Kickstarter of a book about the Olivers.

From the event page on Facebook. 

A full day retro gaming event at the The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on the 24th Ocotber 2015 - 11am to 11pm with obligatory curry in there somewhere as well.
Retro Gaming Celeb talks to be announced - but rest assured there will be some great names.
There will be arcade machines, retro systems, LAN gaming, competitions, prizes to be won and more.
The Kickstarter for 'The Oliver Twins' book will be launched during the talk by the twins who will be accompanied by many of those who assisted and converted their games back in the day. A free Buffet will be provided to those who attend the talk and launch, and a special gift will be given to those who pledge on the Kickstarter at the event.
Ticket price for the day is £10 per adult, £6.50 for children. There are only 125 places up for grabs and all ticket sales money goes to the museum.
You can buy the Fusion Retro Books published to date at the event and get them signed by the celebs who attend! (or you could bring your books along for signing if you already own them).
The tickets will be on sale on the museum website from 9am on the 2nd October 2015 - first come first served as they say.
Rene Court, Coldham's Rd,
Cambridge CB1 3EW
Phone: 01223 214446


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