The DizzyAGE Oscars
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 02 Dec 2016 16:30

Alex Simion, the man behind the iconic DizzyAGE engine we know today has announced what he's calls the 'DizzyAGE Oscars'.


After 10 years of DizzyAGE games, we take a look back and think of what DizzyAGE games we enjoyed the most.
No prizes or any special rewards, just a chance to state your totally subjective opinion during the next month.
Each category is an open poll and if your favourite game is not listed through the nominees already (and only then), type the precise game's name (from the games list) and it will be added. You get one vote per category (though you can change your mind later).
You can view the categories and the details on how to vote on the DizzyAGE Oscars page.

- The DizzyAGE Oscars page 

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