The Dizzy Zone is back!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 20 Mar 2014 12:33

Hi, folks. 
Just found out on the forums that Melanie Hoyle AKA geekgirl101, is bringing back her old fansite, The Dizzy Zone. 
Now just a heads up, Melanie has said that she is moving house in the coming weeks, meaning that The Dizzy Zone may briefly go offline until she's reconnected at her new location.   

I remember back in 2001, two years before I joined the Community. The Dizzy Zone was the first Dizzy site I came across (shortly followed by Yolkfolk of course ;) ).
Back in the day, it was a very colourful site packed with many pages of fangames, fan art and a few Dizzy ditties you could download too. 

To me, it would certainly be nice to see the site in It's former glory and I'm sure the rest of the Dizzy Community will agree too.
You will find the link to the site below.
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Adam (Adz.M)

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