The Big Dizzy/Oliver Twins reveal - ONE week to go!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 17 Oct 2015 12:23

As I'm sure many of you are aware, there is a major event happening at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on Saturday 24th October, 11am - 7:30pm

Two Dizzy related announcements will be made at the event. 
One will be the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a book about The Oliver Twins titled "Let's Go Dizzy! - The Story of The Oliver Twins" by Chris Wilkins and Roger M. Kean. 


And of course the second announcement will be the unveiling of a new Dizzy game that The Oliver Twins mentioned last month with this picture posted on Social Media. 


Ticket prices for the day is £10 per adult, £6.50 for children.
There are only 110 places up for grabs and all ticket sales money goes to the museum. 
You can order tickets via the Museum's website.

Rene Court, Coldham's Rd

Phone: 01223 214446 
I'm happy to mention that three of the brains behind this very site will certainly be there - That's Andrew Joseph, Peter Teal and myself (Adam Markey).

Also attending will be Neil Green of Indie Retro News and the Facebook group, Dizzy : Retrogaming.
And lastly, our friends at the Retro Asylum and the RGDS Podcast.

So there's no doubt that Dizzy Community history will be made at the event too!

Don't worry if you're unable attend the big day in Cambridge, the announcements will be made online on the same day. 
Roll on the 24th! 

- The "Let's Go Dizzy!" event page on Facebook 
- Discuss on the Community Forums