Site updates (Sep 2014)
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 05 Sep 2014 17:35

Hi, folks! 
Found a chance to make a few updates on this site. These updates are...
- Merchandise page 
That's now split into three pages.
Page 1 shows the Dizzy Whizzkids items.
Page 2 shows various other items such as stickers, a badge, a bookmark and a window sticker. 
And Page 3 shows the merchandise from the 2011 Prince of the Yolkfolk remake.
- Game Cover Scans (In Miscellaneous)
A brand new layout. 
When I first started making the page, the list became too long that the site itself couldn't cope with a list so big which left me making two completley seperate pages.
But now, this new layout is less lengthy and is now one page split into two. 
We are still looking for new Dizzy scans, We're now only accepting scans that we do NOT have listed on this site. We'll also accept Posters that we don't have listed on this site.  
- Fake Screenshots (In Miscellaneous)
I think the Fake screenshots deserved It's own page.
Feel free to share them with us aswell as any Dizzy Fanart. 
- Misc. Downloads (In Miscellaneous)
Not a major update but I've added two Fantastic Dizzy sprite sheets by Yawackhary. 
- Dizzy Memorabilia (In Miscellaneous)
A brand new page featuring various pieces of Dizzy related Memorabilia. 
That's about it for now, catch ya later!

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