Site updates (Dec 2015)
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 28 Dec 2015 20:56

Hi everyone. 

Just letting you all know about what's been happening on the site recently.

- The Official Games database 
All the screenshots in the Official Games section (excluding the Crash demos and Christmas Dizzy) have been removed and replaced with fresh ones.
The screenshots we had before either blurred or badly resized, possibly due to the site layout we had at the time. 
Also, the Credits to the Programmers, Graphics and Musicians on the Official games section are now more accurate and taken from the scanned manuals. 

- A Map of Wonderland Dizzy 
I'm not talking about the drawn map.
If you've been following us on Social Media recently, you'll know that we've posted a new pixel map of Wonderland. 
It's certainly been a long time since we last added a new map to the site. 
You can also find the map on the Wonderland Dizzy Games Database page.

- Dizzy Sound Effects
A major update to the page.
All the Sound Effects previously hosted here have been removed and replaced with zip files with fresh .wav files ripped from scratch. 
The previous ones were either low quality or had a hissing noise in the background.
The new zip files also have a massive amount of sound effects that were all missing from the old zip files, including Atari ST SFX, more Fantastic Dizzy SFX and extra Amiga, Spectrum and Commodore 64 sound effects.
The zip files of the Dizzy Dittes have not been replaced. 
That's about it for now, They'll be a special Newsletter arriving before New Years Eve looking back at all the Dizzy Highlights from 2015. 
See you then!