Site updates (Apr 2016)
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 28 Apr 2016 16:16

Hi there. 

Things have been extremely quiet around here lately and It'll come as no surprise to everyone that It's the same story on the Forums.
So what's been added?

- Game Items - Adverts 
Found a Codemasters advert on the Atari ST version of 'The Sword and the Rose'.
It features Treasure Island Dizzy. 

- Other Stuff - Dizzy Memorabilia 
Paul Griffiths, a name you may recognise from some Dizzy games, shared a 20+ year old Chocolate Coin with the Fantastic Dizzy logo on it. 
The chocolate inside may not be edible anymore.  


- Other Stuff -'s Photo Gallery 
OK, not exactly a new update but the YouTube video (currently showing on the front page) with photos of our day in Cambridge is now linked on that page.
May add the photos I took to the page soon. - Yeah I know I've said that before but we've all been very busy lately!
- Game Items - Game Posters
The page has been redone from scratch with fixed links and a few new items on the list. 
Two of which are extremely rare posters of Fast Food and Magicland, photographed by Simon Pring. 
Also added is a Prince of the Yolkfolk poster WITH logo and a Spellbound poster WITH logo, both from Melanie Hoyle from The Dizzy Zone.
That's about it for now, not entirely sure when things will start to pick up again but see you all soon. :)