Radiant Worlds announces SkySaga
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 12 Nov 2014 15:45

The Oliver Twins have announced their first game from their new company, Radiant Worlds. 
The game is called 'SkySaga', and is said to be a truly exciting game that will eclipse Dizzy. 


Welcome to an adventure of infinite possibility and endless intrigue.
In SkySaga you are the hero, choosing your own path in pursuit of your destiny. Fresh challenges await you each day and your successes are celebrated among friends and fellow heroes. 
This is SkySaga and we are very proud to make it yours starting from now. 
We at Yolkfolk.com would like to show our support to the Oliver Twins and their company, Radiant Worlds (Now with a new site layout).
We wish them all the best with their new game and their plans for the future. 

Check out SkySaga
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