One of the Fansite's gifts from Denzil
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 14 Mar 2008 09:58

Hi folks, how we all doing? :)
You'll all be pleased to know that the Music and Sounds pages are all online and available to download!
You can find the new 'Game Audio' page in the Navigation on the left in the Multimedia section.
The 'Game Audio' page has the following sections:

- Game Sounds and Dizzy Ditties 
(Contains a list of Sound effects and a few second Dizzy tunes)

- Original Dizzy Music 
(Of course, a list of downloads to a huge collection of Dizzy music)
- Remixed Dizzy Music 
(The place where Dizzy fans attempt to do mixes of the original Dizzy tunes)
Enjoy! ;)
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