News in the DizzyAGE sector
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 27 Jan 2008 19:42

Hi everyone, Happy new year! Well better late than never ;).

Alex Simion has just announced that a release candidate of DizzyAGE v2.1 (AKA v2.1r) is now available to download.

- The DizzyAGE site

In Fangame news, we have 2 DizzyAGE games expected to be released around February/March this year.

- Dizzy - the ultimate adventure Remake by Peter Teal
- Rail Road Dizzy by Jamie Douglas

You can keep up to date with the games's progress on the Forums.

There isn't anything on the site news at the moment, everyone being busy busy at the moment, any news we have, we'll let you know here :).

Later, guys.