More Spectrum Fangames added
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 18 Aug 2007 12:21

Hi guys, We're still guessing at the moment that pteal is still sorting out his house, he mentioned a while ago he was moving out but no idea when he's coming back, hence the lack of updates to the site.

Anyway, after discovering how to work TRD and SCL files on the Spectrum Emulator "EmuZWin", I decided to get the rest of the Spectrum fangames added, most of it is in Russian.

So take a look in the Fangames page if you are interested :) Also, if you need help on how to work the Spectrum (Pentagon) TRD and SCL files, just give us a buzz on the forum.
I would put links to all the Fangames here but It's so time consuming :p so I'll just mention the games I have recently added to the Fangames page and let you find them yourselves.

Dizzy A, Dizzy B, Dizzy X, Dizzy Y, Dizzy, Return to Magicland, Home Island Dizzy, Dizzy XX - Hell in Paradise Island, Drunk Dizzy, Dizzy XIII - Dizzy Underground, Dizzy Forever & Dizzy 4k.

Oh, and apologies if some of the pages on the Fangames section look a bit squashed up.