Legend Of Daisy - A Diz to the Past (Demo)
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 19 Jun 2016 21:19

Andrew Goulding has released a playable Demo of 'Legend Of Daisy - A Diz to the Past'.

The Quest begins! 

In 2014, Dizzy got very rich. In 2015, he became a priest and moved to Ireland. 
Now, Zaks has stolen his money and declared himself emperor of a police state! 
Will Dizzy have to travel back in time in order to stop this menace? 
Notes from Andrew:
This is the demo for my forthcoming game.
There are 30 stars to collect, although there's no prize for this yet. 
I hope you like it! The actual game should take some time. 
Any feedback appreciated! 

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