Hide and Seek Dizzy
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 30 Apr 2010 10:44

Andy Mason has released another DizzyAGE game titled "Hide and seek Dizzy"! (which must mean tommorrow is the DizzyAGE Compo's deadline!) 


It's been a while since the evil Wizard Zaks has bothered the Yolkfolk and they are getting bored.

So they decide to have a game of Hide and Seek. 

The aim of the game is to find where the Yolkfolk are hiding. Pretty straightforward eh? Of course its not!

The Yolkfolk are a clever bunch and have hid themselves behind a large web of puzzles. It is up to Dizzy to solve them in order to find the Yolkfolk. 

Just hope that Dozy can stay awake long enough! 

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