Grimm Dizzy
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 23 Apr 2011 09:45

Phillip Ward has just released his newest game, Grimm Dizzy. 


Once upon a time in a far away land every night before dark the yolkfolk would gatherround a fire and listen to Grand dizzy reading their favourite fairytales before bed. 
"...and he stamped so ferciously with his right foot that his leg went deep into the ground up to his waist.Then he grabbed the other foot angrily with both hands and ripped himself in two". 
However they weren't the only ones listening in. Zak's has been trying to find another diabolical spell as usual and while spying on the yolkfolk one night he had a crazy idea...Zack's came up with his best yet and possibly his most dangerous, he trapped the yolkfolk inside Grand Dizzy's book were they shall remain forever after.
While inside this strange world Grand Dizzy noticed some of the pages were now missing, so for Dizzy to return home with his friends and break the spell he must collect the missing pages. For every tale Dizzy completes he shall find one page. 
Luckily Dizzy has heard all 279 tales before so his well prepared. Dizzy sets off into the dark forest with was just as terrifying as he always imagined it to be.. Will they live happy ever after? 

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