Fangame news ahoy!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 13 Dec 2008 10:56

12 days till Xmas day and we've got a big Fangames update. 
Right, where to begin? Well firstly theres a new Fangame released by JD Burton using DizzyAGE called "Middle Earth Dizzy"


- Download Middle Earth Dizzy 


Next, there is a new 3D Dizzy game which is close to being released called "Dizzy - The Lost Island" by Eric Park

- Dizzy - The Lost Island Progress thread 


Lastly, the Following Fangames have been updated.

- Dizzy's Dream Home (v1.2)
- Winter World Dizzy (v1.31)
- Dizzy Legends: Chapter 1 (v1.03)
That's it for now, anymore news of course will be mentioned on this site, Enjoy! :) 
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