Dreamworld Pogie - Complete and Playable!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 15 Dec 2016 23:00

During the Oliver Twins book launch, a surprise announcement was made.

Dreamworld Pogie, previously released as a prototype back in 2011 is now a complete playable game and comes with It's very own website.


On the site, you can play the game online and you can also download the ROM (requires a NES Emulator).

You can watch the Rediscovery video of the game by The Oliver Twins.

And like with Wonderland, there is a Dreamworld Pogie Competition - full details on the Dreamworld Pogie site.
- The #IBeatPogie Competition 

There is also a Kickstarter to have Dreamworld Pogie released as a cartridge.
- Visit Kickstarter page 

Special Thanks To Lukasz Kur, Andrew Joseph & Peter Gratkiewicz (Pit)

Enjoy, and Merry Xmas. :)

- Visit the Dreamworld Pogie website  

- Game's database entry on Yolkfolk.com
- Discuss on the Community Forums