DizzyAGE v2.2 released
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 06 Apr 2008 18:28

Alex Simion has just announced that DizzyAGE v2.2 has just been released!

To find out what has been included on this version, simply head on over to the DizzyAGE website and give it a download.
And to those of you who have made DizzyAGE Fangames, you might want to update your games to the latest version (best of luck to you, Jamie).
And in other news, Volcano Island Dizzy made by Colin is beggining to look like It'll be available to download at some point soon, I'll mention it here when the time comes.
Plus, the end of this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition is getting closer, and if you have a DizzyAGE game in progress, best get in done quickly and mention it on the Forums before May 1st, that's when the Compo ends and no entries will be accepted after that date .
See you guys later.
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- The DizzyAGE website