DizzyAGE v2.1 & Easter competition 2008
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 02 Feb 2008 11:00

Hi folks, you'll be happy to know that we're now out of January ;).
So the first piece of news we have for this month is DizzyAGE related.


DizzyAGE v2.1 is now available to download, so head to over to the DizzyAGE site to download it and check out what updates have been put on this version.
Next up, is this year's DizzyAGE Easter competition!
NOW is your big chance to register your DizzyAGE game into this year's competition!
Jamie Douglas has already entered Rail Road Dizzy into the competition, we will let you know when the game gets released.
Plus, contesters are now allowed to register more than one game in the competition. Meaning we maybe expecting more DizzyAGE games throughout the Spring.
You have until May 1st to enter your DizzyAGE game(s).
Good luck!

- The DizzyAGE Easter Competition page
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