DizzyAGE Easter Compo update
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 26 Apr 2014 19:55

With the voting stage of this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition only less than a week away, here what's been happening so far. 


The DizzyAGE games entered. 
Enchanting Day Dizzy (Matt Lee) 
Don't Panic Dizzy (Simon Rice) 
The Sisterhood (Steve Rennie) 
Fantastic Dizzy: Home Alone (trz's team)

The prizes: 
- £70 offered by Trz's Team from their last year's winnings (via PayPal)
- £50 from Steve Rennie (Grandad)
- £30 check from Annie Quigg (Quiggie) 
The Voting stage begins on Thursday 1st May.  

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