DizzyAGE Easter Compo 2010: Results time!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 01 Aug 2010 09:47

Well, It's been a long couple of months but the DizzyAGE Easter Competition has now ended for this year. 

Here are the results. 

1st - Grogg Island Dizzy (Matt Huckvale) - 258 points 
2ndDizzy Oops! (Constantinescu Silviu Alexandru) 207 points 
3rd - Dragon Valley Dizzy (Matt Huckvale) 196 points 
4th - Swampland Dizzy (Matt Lee) 185 points 
5th - Hide and Seek Dizzy (Andy Mason) 181 points 
6th - Lost Temple Dizzy (Ben Wright) 179 points 
7th - Dizzy Legends Ch. 2 - The Curse of the Mystics (Jamie Douglas) 166 points 
8th - Feverbound Dizzy (Matt Lee) 164 points 
9th - Heart Land Dizzy (Phillip L. Ward) 153 points 
10th - Egyptian Tomb Dizzy (Jamie Douglas) 144 points 
11th - Daisy goes solo (Steve Rennie) 142 points 
12th - Daisy goes solo Pt. 2 (Steve Rennie) 131 points 

A big congratulations to all of you who took part this year! We hope you'll enjoy your prizes and we hope that you will be able to take part in next year's competition. 

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