DizzyAGE Easter Compo 2009: Voting time!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 01 May 2009 10:14

Well folks, today is the 1st of May which means It's now time to vote for your favourite DizzyAGE game(s) involved in this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition! 


This year's DizzyAGE competition games are: 
- Illusion Island Dizzy (Jamie Douglas) 
- Knightmare Dizzy (Tom Ward) 
- Mysterious Realm Dizzy (Phillip Ward) 
- Starship Dizzy (JD Burton) 
- Summer Blast Dizzy (Colin Page) 
- Yolkfolk to the Rescue (Andy Mason) 
You can vote for your favourite game(s) on the DizzyAGE Easter Competiton page, you must be a member of the Dizzy Community to vote. 
Votings close on the 1st July, good luck to everyone involved in this year's Competition! 

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