DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2008 Update
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 10 Mar 2008 20:09


Over the last few days we've seen two new games added to the line up of games in this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition, bringing up the total games in this years competition to six, although one game has been put on hold by its author.


Of the new entries the first up is Dizzy in the Forgotten Realm by Apep. This game wioll be Apep's first venture into DizzyAGE programming, and is promisseing a game that will be both challenging and entertaining by its author, the games story line revolves around zaks whom has been upto his old tricks again, but whicking Dizzy and several of his friends off to a land long forgotten by the civilised populace. Dizzy himself trapped inside a large grungy castle with no knowledge of where he is and no memory of how he got there. If he and his friends are to return home he must escape his prison, and find a way to reverse Zaks magic. But he will need some help from a very unlikely ally.

Dream home dizzy

Next up we have Dizzy's Dream Home by Macon. This will be Macon's second DizzyAGE game after Excalibur Dizzy which was entered into last years competition. The game will be based around another game called Mega-Bucks which was originally available on the Spectrum and Amstrad computers. The story line is a distant relative of Dizzy's has passed away and left dizzy his mansion, Which would make a dream home for him and Daisy. However nobody can find the will that proves the house is Dizzy's inheritance. Dizzy has been given until tea-time to search the house, gardens and out buildings for the will. Sounds simply enough? Of course not, this a a Dizzy adventure.
These two games join the following games in the DizzyAGE competition;
- Rail Road Dizzy
- Dizzy and the CrabApple
- Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Remake
- Magic Star Dizzy

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