Dizzy turns 25 THIS June!
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 30 May 2012 16:26

Hello, Yolkers! 
Many of you will remember a year ago that we celebrated what we THOUGHT was Dizzy's 25th Anniversary. 
Well apparently, Philip Oliver has recently got in touch with us saying that Dizzy will be 25 THIS June. 
Which means Dizzy was 24 last year, and that Dizzy - The ultimate cartoon adventure was released in June 1987, NOT 1986! 


We're not sure how we got the information about Dizzy being around since 1986 in the first place, and this means we will be making corrections to the official games' release dates on our database. 
So yep, we got the year wrong, sorry!
Let's get ready to celebrate Dizzy's 25th Anniversary (again) this June! :D 
And thanks to Philip Oliver for correcting us.
We're very sorry that we didn't know this sooner.  

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