Dizzy Trivia - 30 Fantastic Years
Posted by | 03 Jun 2017 15:00

It's that time again.

Time to put your Dizzy knowledge to the test in an all-new Dizzy Trivia game.

Dizzy Trivia - 30 Fantastic Years 

To celebrate 30 years of Dizzy, he and the Yolkfolk have prepared a series of questions for their fans.
Featuring guest host, Wacky Walter from Wacky Darts!
This game contains 5 categories:
- OFFICIAL GAMES - Questions relating to the Official Dizzy games
- FAN GAMES - Questions relating to the recently released Fan-made Dizzy games.
- DIZZY'S PEOPLE - Questions relating to both Dizzy's fans and the people who worked on the Dizzy games.
- DIZZY DITTIES - A name that tune style quiz.
- WHO AM I? - Questions that provide clues to various Dizzy characters.
Can you answer all the questions correctly?

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