Dizzy: The Curse of Cigam
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 18 Apr 2014 19:53

A new Windows first-person Dizzy fangame is now available by Eleanor Burns. Titled, Dizzy: The Curse of Cigam.


Disturbing reports and pleas for a valiant and preferably downright reckless hero draw Dizzy back to the scene of his first adventures: the small village of Cigam, which has fallen victim to a new curse of unholy spirits and cursed objects that have driven the inhabitants into hiding. 
It is left to Dizzy alone to find ways of lifting all of the curses and exorcising the spirits, before hunting down the cause of this supernatural scourge. 
Search the village and the surrounding area for clues and items, while avoiding contact with ghosts and hazardous terrain. 

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