Dizzy and Seymour - Spirit Island
Posted by | 18 May 2018 20:33

Dizzy and Seymour are on yet another adventure where they must go to Spirit Island and save the Yolkfolk from a mysterious figure.

This is Dizzy and Seymour - Spirit Island.


With the Kingdom Gems in his possession, Theodore begins his journey to the land of the Ancients.

Meanwhile, the Yolkfolk are having a camping trip on the coast of Mount Zakeria.
But their joy is soon interrupted when a mysterious figure kidnaps them.
The figure takes them to a deserted island near the main land.

Dizzy and Seymour return from Keldor to find the camp site abandoned.
An eyewitness tells Dizzy and Seymour about the figure and where it took the Yolkfolk.

Will the adventuring duo suceed once more?

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