Dizzy and Seymour - Kingdom Gems
Posted by | 04 Jun 2017 13:39

Two games by Adam Markey in one weekend?!
Anyway, if quizzing with the new Dizzy Trivia game isn't your cup of tea, then how about Dizzy and Seymour's next adventure?

This is "Dizzy and Seymour - Kingdom Gems".


A few months have passed since Dizzy and Seymour defeated the Dark Wizard.
The Kingdom of Zakeria had become a peaceful place once again.

However, strange things begin to occur once again as a shadowy figure casts a spell on Dozy one night.
Since that night, Dozy has been babbling cryptic clues that even Dizzy couldn't figure out.

Meanwhile, Seymour is making his way through the forest to meet up with Dizzy.

What could possibly await Dizzy and Seymour on this adventure as the story progresses?
The answers lie along the way....

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