Dizzy down the Abyss
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 25 Jan 2013 19:39

The first fangame of 2013, Dizzy down the Abyss by Anthony Burns is now available to download. 


The ancient village of Wynnadunn in the Valley of Lenge was once the envy of It's neighbours, deriving great wealth from the magnificent blood emeralds it extracted 
from its mines. 

That all changed a few years ago, however, when monstrous creatures 
began emerging from the deepest mineshafts. 

The mines were abandoned and most of the villagers fled in terror. Only a few poor wretches remain, living in constant fear of the curse that still broods beneath them. They could definitely use the help of an experienced adventurer with time on his hands... 

Bored with the lack of adventure at home of late, Dizzy sets fourth to the cursed village of Wynnadunn. 

Suddenly.....Dizzy's hot air balloon got struck by lightening and catches fire, he jumps for safety over the blighted realm. 

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