Dizzy and Seymour - The Dark Wizard
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 17 Jun 2016 19:08

I'm imagining some of the reactions of this news post will be...
"What?! A Seymour avatar on a Dizzy site?! Explain yourself at once!" :P

Anyway, we have a new adventure for you guys to enjoy where you can choose to play as either Dizzy or Seymour in "Dizzy and Seymour - The Dark Wizard".
Please read the notes on the game's page (link below) to see what new features have been included.

Out and about

Life in the Kingdom of Zakeria has never been too easy. 
But thanks to Dizzy and his adventuring friends, Zakeria has become more safer to live in.

However, the gang are all unaware that the evil Wizard Zaks is currently plotting something sinister.
A sort of evil plan that could spell an unpleasant future for the Kingdom of Zakeria. 

Meanwhile, Dizzy and Seymour are in the Yolkfolk village preparing to explore the kingdom. 

But will this story have a happy ending for the duo?

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