Changes to the Community Forums
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 26 Dec 2016 18:39

Greetings all.

It's been decided today that we have reverted back to using phpbb for the Community Forums - the latest version even.

You will need to update your bookmarks and the links on your websites to this new address.
All links on this site have been updated, previous news posts that provide links to the old forums will be updated in the coming days.

Now, if you joined the Community Forums sometime from January 2007 onwards, you DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER.
Your account and login details should all be safe. 
Sadly though, it does mean that anyone who uploaded their own Avatars to the forum will need to reupload them again.

Also, you can now add some new details to your forum profile. - Like your Facebook page name, your Twitter username and your YouTube username.

Any more updates to the new forum may be likely in the coming days.

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, having any problems with the new forum, you can let us know on the Forum itself (link below).
Or if your having difficulties Registering or Logging In - You can contact us via Social Media.

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