A few updates to the site
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 17 Nov 2011 17:35

Hi everybody, It's been a while since I last posted about updates on the site in general. So, first things first! 

A link to the site front page: 

Clicking the Dizzy Fansite banner at the top of our pages can now take you back to the site's front page.  

- - - - 

Site frontpage: 

I'm sure most of you by now are familiar with our advert display box on the frontpage? Which tells you about the Petition, Shop, Newsletter, Yolkfolk Games etc. 

Well the advert display box is now a scrolling marquee, meaning we can now show off more than one advert on the front page. 

- - - - 

News posts etc.: 

As you may have noticed, the menu on the left is showing a new section where you can view all the news posts we made in the past. 

Also, all news pages now have a built in Facebook comments system. 

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Image Galleries: 

Image Galleries on the Games database, the Comics page, and Yolkfolk's photo gallery are now easier to navigate. 

Clicking on screenshots/photos/comic strip will now appear on screen without going into a seperate page for each image. 

We will be doing the same for the Anniversary page and the Fanart page in the near future, It's just that I'm currently in the slow process of moving all the Fanart pics into their own folder. 

- Comics 
Yolkfolk.com Photo Gallery 

- - - - 

Videos page: 

Not only we've added more reviews and Spectrum longplays to the page, but we've also added a new feature where if you click on a link, the video will now appear on screen without going to a seperate page. 

The new feature makes things a lot more easier for my part, especially when many Dizzy fans upload various videos on YouTube. 


- - - - 

Yolkfolk.com game updates: 

The following games from us have recently been updated. 

Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (DizzyAGE Remake) (v1.4) 
- Treasure Island Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake) (v2.3) 
- Fantasy World Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake) (v2.1) 
- Dizzy Trivia 2008 (v2.0) 

- - - - 

Thanks to Peter for finding the time to make most of the updates possible. 

That's about it for now, see you all later!