Yolkfolk to the Rescue
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Dock Tower
Author: Andy Mason (macon)
Programmers: Andy Mason


Grand Dizzy was out in the woods hiding his gold coins because he knows how much Dizzy likes finding them.
In a remote spot he was captured by the evil wizard Zaks and locked in his hut. In order to get his release, Zaks wants a mysterious object that is secured in the bank of the nearby town, and it is up to Dizzy to get it for him.
The object is in a safe within the bank and the safe requires a combination. To get pieces of the combination, tasks within the town must be carried out but Dizzy doesn't have the skills or knowledge to complete them all. Therefore he calls on some of his Yolkfolk friends to help him out.
In a meeting before entering the town, Dizzy dished out jobs for each of the team. He decided that himself, Denzil & Dylan should stick to their skills.
Daisy was given the job of feeding everybody as there were many energy zapping nasties about town. Therefore only Daisy can enter shops to gather what is there.
Daisy has also been given the extra responsibility of entering the safe combination and is the only team member that will enter the bank.
The remaining Yolkfolk skills are:
Dizzy - Plumbing & Chemistry
Dylan - Electrical & Building
Denzil - Mechanical  


'Yolkfolk to the Rescue' is based on a Mikrogen game entitled 'Everyones a Wally'.
This version of the game now has an intro and a big ending.
This game was also an entry in the 2009 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 6th place.

Yolkfolk to the Rescue
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AddedMay 1, 2009
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