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Codemasters & Camerica
Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, Lukasz Kur, Andrew Joseph
Graphics: Khalid Kharmoun
Musician: Lyndon Sharp


Dizzy and Daisy gazed down into the darkness below. 
They knew that it was down here that they would be able to find their friends.
What should they do now?
They looked at each other and decided it was up to them to rescue the others. 
They tumbled down into the darkness below.
But to their surprise, they fell slowly and all sorts of objects fell around them.


"Wonderland Dizzy" was an adventure game which originated from the previous Dizzy title, "Magicland Dizzy".
Created by Philip and Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins).
The game was originally planned to be released as part of "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" in 1993.
But it was pulled due to budget reasons.
Plans to port the game onto the 8-bit Sega systems were also scrapped.
In 2011, a map of the game drawn by the Oliver Twins was made public online.
On the 24th October 2015, Wonderland Dizzy made a surprise release on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) after the game's source was discovered in Philip Oliver's loft.
The game's release was all thanks to expert programmer Lukasz Kur, and also to Andrew Joseph from The Dizzy Fansite.
Wonderland's website launched on the same day.
Since the release of Wonderland, more unreleased NES Dizzy games started seeing the light of day within' the next few years.
The game's map is very similar to Magicland, but with different puzzles and references to "Alice in Wonderland".
Unlike previous adventure games, the player was given the option to play as either Dizzy or Daisy (or both sharing a turn after one character is knocked unconscious by wildlife or other hazards).
You start the game with 3 lives (optional), no health bar and can carry up to 3 items.
NOTE: If you're playing as both Dizzy and Daisy, both characters have to share the same inventory.
The only way lives can be lost is when the player falls into the water or lava (Unless you're playing the game in "Fun!" mode).
Like Magicland, the objective is to rescue 5 members of the Yolkfolk.
There are also 100 magic stars to collect in order to finish the game.
Another new feature included in the game is the magic carpet (which only appears when you help the witch).
The player can use the carpet to fly around high in the sky.
However, the magic carpet is restricted to only being used between the monolith and the volcano.

Wonderland Dizzy
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