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Author: Big Red Software Ltd
Programmers: Big Red Software, Optimus, Shane O`Brien, Andy Torkington, Fred Williams
Graphics: Chris Graham, Brian Hartley, Pete Ranson, Jonothan Smyth
Musician: Allister Brimble


Dizzy's been visiting his local friendly Wizard Theodore.
Now Theo, who may be a dab hand in the waving of wands area, is not much cop at the filing-things-away-neatly department and he's left his book of Really Powerful Spells lying round in his laboratory.
What's more, the book's been left open at the page headed A Really, Really Powerful Spell (That shouldn't be read out loud).
Whether Dizzy actually read the heading is not known but - yikes! - he said the spell and It's caused a catastrophe: Dizzy spirited all his Yolkfolk chums and Wizard Theo into the underworld! Cripes!
There's only one course of action open to the brave little hero: read the spell again and spirit himself into the underworld to save his rotund group of pals! 


Spellbound Dizzy is an adventure video game, released in December 1990 by Codemasters.
The series was originally developed by the Oliver Twins; however, they had little involvement with this title other than the executive sign off - confident in leaving Big Red Software to redesign the graphics engine and design the game and puzzles.
The game is the fifth in the Dizzy series, excluding arcade spinoffs such as Kwik Snax and Fast Food and boasted the largest map of any Dizzy game yet at the time of release, having over 100 screens.
Consequently, it is by far longer and more difficult than any other game in the series. Åven 'instant walkthrough' would take about one and a half hours.
The gameplay is also complicated by the fact that Dizzy loses health when falling from heights. This level of difficulty made many players cheat by using patches giving Dizzy unlimited lives.
The game also presents slightly different user interface, graphics and concepts that never occurred earlier or later in the series: an inventory with items icons, separated collection (stars) and healing (apples) items (in other games they are always '2 in 1'), hidden passages and dynamic animated set pieces (the travel tunnels, the mining cart etc).
There are additional Dizzy animations and abilities, Swimming for instance (once you get the Flippers), Eating frames, Concussed frames (after falling) and so on. 
A "Lite" version of this game was released on the Commodore 64. 

Spellbound Dizzy
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