Sacred World Dizzy
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Author: Matt Lee (Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk)
Programmers: Matt Lee


Yolkfolk Legend communicates in it's in historical scripture that each of the living yolkfolk are celebrated in life with a stone tablet of them attached to a memorial structure. The stone tablet remains in place until the particular yolkfolk member dies where they are then entered into the Parish Registers in the Sacred Church & are replaced when the next yolkfolk generation enters the world. 
The memorial structures reside in the Yolkfolk Heritage Site, the most sacred part of Yolkfolk (through the Sacred Gates). The legend has it that if all stone tablets aren't in place then after 7 eggs days terrible storms will brew, deadly diseases & plagues will ensue until the Yolkfolk are wiped out. The stone tablets are considered extremely sacred for the well being of the Yolkfolk & are linked to the statues of them on the Sacred Wall. 
Dizzy Junior just wants Daddy Dizzy to play football with him, but the statues on the Sacred Wall of the Yolkfolk have all been blacked out, just leaving silhouettes, the Yolkfolk have been erased from history as all the stone tablets have been removed. 
Help Junior on his first adventural quest to find and replace all the stone tablets to the correct memorials and thus restore each of the Yolkfolk to be dipicted on the Sacred avert disaster and so Dizzy will eventually play football with him. 


The game takes place sometime in the future where you play as Dizzy's son. 
This game was also an entry in the 2011 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 4th place.

Sacred World Dizzy
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AddedJan 2, 2011
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