Prince of the Yolkfolk 2011 (DizzyAGE Remake)
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Author: VK007
Programmers: VK007
Graphics: Leigh Christian


Grand Dizzy was feeling very down one day, so Dizzy and Daisy decided to cheer him up by baking him his favourite food, cherry pie! 
So off went Daisy to get some cherries from her cupboard and there were none to be seen! 
"Pogie's pinched the cherries!" she cried, as she saw Pogie's pawprint in the cupboard. 
"That darned fluffle. Come here you!" and Pogie promptly darted off into the enchanted forest to escape Daisy's rage. 
Dizzy and Daisy decided to go into the forest to catch Pogie and gather some more cherries at the same time.
Whilst searching for Pogie they got lost and found a castle, where they thought they would find help, but it seemed deserted. 
They looked in the castle for Pogie, but Daisy caught herself on a mystic spinning wheel. 
She started feeling really sleepy, so she found a bed and went to sleep. 
"Wake up Daisy, wake up!" shouted Dizzy. 
But before he could wake her up, Rockwart the troll caught him and locked him up underground!


This is a DizzyAGE Remake of the Mobile HD Remake of Prince of the Yolkfolk.
The return of the most fantastic eggventurer of all time, with gorgeous HD graphics and glorious gameplay. Lead Dizzy on his ultimate quest to awaken Daisy and bring peace to the Yolkfolk.
The eponymous egg-shaped have-a-go hero returns in familiar form, complete with red boxing gloves and his trademark rolls and somersaults as he ventures forth on an eggciting journey into a magical world packed with collect-and-solve puzzles.
As ever, his friends, the Yolkfolk, are in trouble and need saving from danger.
Our hero in a whole shell’s girlfriend, Daisy, has been trapped in a mysterious castle while our hero has been
locked in an underground dungeon by Rockwart the troll on orders from the Evil Wizard Zaks.
By running, rolling and somersaulting around the fantastic kingdom of Keldor, Dizzy’s adventure takes him
throughout the magical land, exploring underground caves, leaping and bounding into the tree tops and bouncing all the way up in the far away clouds to assist Saint Peter in front of the Pearly Gates.
Fall in love with Dizzy all over again, whilst helping him on his quest to rescue his beloved Daisy from the castle ... get set for eggsplosive and eggstraordinary eggventures once more!
Original game created by DNA Dynamics Inc, with Paul Ranson, the original game’s project director heading up development, Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk is published by Codemasters Software Co. Ltd.

Prince of the Yolkfolk 2011 (DizzyAGE Remake)
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