Panic! Dizzy (Console version)
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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, Paul Griffiths
Graphics: Paul Adams
Musician: Lyndon Sharp

For the version of Panic Dizzy that was originally released for the home computer systems.

How to play:

Match More / Shape Shifter
As the shapes advance downwards, you must rearrange them to create 4 or more identical shapes in a line in horizontal lines.
If you can achieve lines of 5, it sends a full new line to the other player.
A full line of 6, sees the other player in real trouble as they are dealt 2 new rows simultaneously.
Stay ahead of the game and don’t let the shapes get to you!
Dizzy Dice
Dice are continuously thrown at you and you must stop them getting to you.
But these are no ordinary Dice, they all have 3’s and you must line them up in 3’s, in the directions of their dots to remove them.
Picture Perfect / Picture Puzzler
Un-jumble that picture!  
You have to pull the wrong pieces of the picture down and throw them back into their correct places.
But it’s not so easy when those wrong pieces are a few rows deep and you can only carry so many at a time, and the clock is against you!

Four Suits (NES version only)
Players must pull suits from the ever appearing cards at the top of the screen, and then throw them back to try and create full lines, in any direction, of sets of 4 suits, one of each.
These then disappear and you must stay ahead of the ever advancing avalanche of cards coming towards you.
You lose when the row advances to the bottom.
Puzzle Path (NES version only)
A random snaking path of cards has been set out in front of you.
As the cards get placed on top of each other, they increase the number.
You must work out picking up the cards ensuring that you follow the path backwards ensuring you don't hit any dead ends, or run out of time.


"Panic! Dizzy" (also known as "Panic Dizzy v2") was one of many arcade games in the Dizzy series.
Created by Philip and Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins) in April 1994.
Back in the day, this game was only released as part of "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" compilation for the Sega Master System (as a ROM) and the Sega Game Gear.
The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" which included this game, was planned but never released.
Most likely due to the Oliver Twins leaving Codemasters in 1994.
In 2011, The Dizzy Fansite released video footage of the Mega Drive version.
The video showed that it came with a '1 Player vs. CPU' mode.
In early 2019, a Kickstarter campaign to physically release the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) version on cartridge launched.
The campaign ended with £20,780 pledged.
In August 2019, the NES ROM of the game was made available to the public by Fusion Retro Books.
With this game, players were given the option to play as any member of the Yolkfolk (including Zaks on the NES version).
On the Sega versions of this game, the player cannot choose to play as Zaks.
However, it was discovered in June 2020 that Zaks can be unlocked if you finish a game with a final score of 30,000 points or more.
One possible solution is to play 'Dizzy Dice' as Dizzy (which is the hardest difficulty).
When your game is over, your final score is multiplied by 6 (This only happens when you play as Dizzy)

Panic! Dizzy (Console version)
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