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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins
Graphics: Paul Adams
Musician: Lyndon Sharp


It was a bright sunny day. 
Dizzy and Daisy were walking through the forest without a care in the world.

Suddenly, a gang of evil trolls jumped out from behind some rocks to ambush the two young Yolkfolk.

Just when they thought they had escaped, Zaks appeared!
Raising his arms, he cast an evil and powerful spell.

When Daisy awoke, she was locked in a cage in Zaks' cloud castle and Dizzy found himself locked in a dungeon.

Can you help Dizzy escape the dungeon and rescue Daisy?


"Mystery World Dizzy" was an adventure game which originated from the previous Dizzy title, "Fantasy World Dizzy".
Created by Philip and Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins).
The game was originally planned to be released as part of "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" in 1993.
But it was pulled due to budget reasons.
The Oliver Twins leaving Codemasters in 1994 also sealed the game's fate.
On the 8th April 2017, a special presentation took place to celebrate Dizzy's 30th Anniversary.
With special thanks to Team Yolkfolk, Mystery World was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
Mystery World's website launched on the same day.
Even though this game has similarites to Fantasy World, there were a number of differences.
You start the game with 3 lives and can only carry up to 2 items.
Much like with Fantasy World, there is a carrier bag located near the Yolkfolk village that allows Dizzy to carry up to 3 items.
There is no health bar on this game which meant players needed to be careful while exploring.
There are also 100 magic stars to collect in order to break Zaks' spell on Daisy's cage.
Other members of the Yolkfolk (including Dora) make appearences in the game, some provide Dizzy with hints or items.
To add to the game's difficulty, a number of spiders, rats and frogs were scattered around the map.
The player loses a life when any of the wildlife are touched.

Mystery World Dizzy
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