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Author: Big Red Software Ltd
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, Big Red Software, Derek Leigh Gilchrist, Ian Grey, Neal Vincent, Fred Williams
Graphics: Neil Adamson, Leigh Christian, Chris Graham
Musician: Steve Barrett, Lyndon Sharp, Matt Simmonds


The Evil Wizard Zaks is back! Like all Evil Wizards, he had made certain arrangements against his premature demise...
He has exacted a terrible revenge by transporting the Yolkfolk to a strange Fairy-Tale World and casting evil spells on them to imprison them there forever.
Dizzy must free the six Yolkfolk by breaking the spells and then destroy Zaks once and for all before he can return home. 


Magicland Dizzy was the first Dizzy game not to be designed by the Oliver Twins. Design work was done in-house by Neal Vincent (incorrectly credited as Neil), with the Oliver Twins retaining design-approval oversight, and coding was contracted to external developer Big Red Software. 
It is the sixth game in the Dizzy series and the fourth adventure based Dizzy title, so it was developed under the name, "Dizzy 4".
In the game, Dizzy's enemy Zaks, the evil wizard, has returned from the dead and spirited Dizzy's friends off to Magicland and put each under a spell;
Dylan, the hippie, has become a talking bush,
Denzil, who thinks he's so cool, has been frozen in ice,
Grand Dizzy, who's gone a bit senile, is trapped in a backwards mirror world,
Dora has been turned into a frog,
Dozy's in an even deeper sleep than usual,
and Daisy's grown too big to escape Zaks' dungeon.
This game also includes a nod to Pac-Man, with Dizzy using a "power pill" to overcome ghosts.
In order to promote Magicland Dizzy, a five screen mini-adventure for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum known as "Into Magicland" or unofficially "Dizzy 3 and a half" was given away with the January 1991 edition of Crash, a UK based magazine. 
It featured Dizzy and his cousin Danny and is a prequel to the main game, ending with Dizzy teleporting to the first screen of that game. 
Danny never appeared in any game before or after, nor he appeared in "Magicland Dizzy" itself. 
On the Commodore 64 version, placing the magic lamp item in the small indentation in the floor on the right side of the Cracks of Doom screen teleported Dizzy into the sky high above the rightmost swamp screen. It is not clear if this was intentional or a bug.

Magicland Dizzy
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