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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, W.A.S.P., Mark Beno Bell, Jason Benham, Lyndon Sharp
Graphics: Chris Graham, Damon Redmond
Musician: Allister Brimble, Lyndon Sharp


Dizzy and the Yolkfolk have outraged the Evil Wizard Zaks who has cast a sinister spell which has sent the Yolkfolk to the land of personality.
Dizzy can choose who to rescue first, but to be a true hero, he'll have to save all of his friends.
- Denzil thought he was cool and ended up in the Land of Ice. Left out, chill out!
- Dylan spent most of his time with his head in the clouds, and that's exactly where he found himself, stranded high and dry!
- Grand Dizzy was old and touch senile, his fate was to be cast into Cuckoo Land trapped by clocks and giant teddy bears.
- Daisy was Zaks' greatest prize and he kept her close to him in his Castle Dungeon protected by his best henchmen.
The challenge begins!


"Kwik Snax" was the second arcade game in the series.
Programmed by Lyndon Sharp (W.A.S.P.), Jason Benham and pubished by Codemasters for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC 464, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC DOS in November 1990.
The game was also released as part of both the 8-bit and 16-bit "Dizzy's Excellent Adventures" compilations and the 16-bit "Dizzy Collection" compilation.
This game is divided into 4 islands (Land of Ice, Land of Clouds, Cuckoo Land and Zaks' Dungeon) which progress in difficulty.
All members of "The Dizzy Mob" are held captive on each island.
On each level, you weave around the stationary blocks and push the sliding ones into the approaching henchmen to get all the fruit.
A special bonus score is awarded if you can collect the fruit in the flashing order.
After every level is the slippery, slidey bonus section.
When Dizzy starts in a direction, he is unable to stop until he hits a stationary block.
The player has to plan their move well, there are no enemies in the bonus section but there is a time limit.
There are a number of special items for Dizzy to collect that randomly appear on each level.
- 30 SIGN - Slows the henchmen down for a short time.
- THE Z'S - Makes Dizzy slow for a short time.
- THE ARROWS - Reverses Dizzy's control for a short time.
- VANISHING POTION - Makes pushable blocks vanish one by one for a short time.
- MAGIC POTION - Turns all pushable blocks into fruit.
- KNIFE AND FORK - Allows Dizzy to attack the henchmen for a short time.
- BORDER BLOCKER - Stops Dizzy walking off screen for a short time.
- QUESTION MARK - Gives Dizzy a mystery bonus score.
An extra life is awarded every 10,000 points.
"Go! Dizzy Go!", a game that has a similiar concept to Kwik Snax was released as part of the "Quattro Arcade" compilation for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and also released as part of "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" compilation for the Sega Game Gear in early 1993.
- More on Go! Dizzy Go!
The Commodore 64 version:
This version of Kwik Snax was a completely different game.
The plot is that Dizzy has to enter Castle Vulture to rescue baby fluffles.
The aim of each level is to rescue all the fluffles after they've hatched and then lead them to the exit.
The fluffles queue up walking behind you and are very vulnerable to hungry monsters.
A level is completed once all the fluffles have been taken to the exit.
After a time, the monsters will rush after you at twice the speed.
The monsters that appear on the levels are:
- STOMPER - Will often stop and scratch his head.
- LEAPER - Can jump over walls.
- GASBAG - Can drop walls.
- FLAMER - Can breathe fireballs
- FOXLING - Kidnaps fluffles.
After every 4 levels, there is a bonus stage where Dizzy must catch fluffles in a net above the castle moat.

Kwik Snax
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