Dora to the Rescue
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Author: Steve Rennie (Grandad)
Programmers: Steve Rennie


Updated to v1.5 - 15th May 2019


Dizzy has gone missing whilst on his world book signing tour.
Daisy cannot go looking for him as she has done an 'Annie' and her leg is in plaster, so she asks Dora to go and find Dizzy.
Also, something nasty has happened to Dora's 'self', so she is also trying to find a way to fix that little problem too.


Dora can't get hurt or die in this game, but feel free to try and commit suicide when you get frustrated at trying to solve my nasty little puzzles and annoyed attempting to find those elusive secret areas.
Also, as is usual in some of my games, sometimes Dora just has to have an item in her inventory to solve a puzzle rather than have to choose an item to use.
Rescuing Dizzy is the easy part of the game. It's a lot harder for Dora to get her 'body' back in full working order.
Also, as I'm a total git, if she hasn't managed to get enough 'dates' before she gets herself sorted, the game  will end and the elusive Easter Egg will remain unopened.
I've messed about with the 'action' system so that instead of just the inventory window opening, you get a choice of Abilities, Clothes and Inventory.
This means that you don't have to be holding a spell to activate an ability such as running or jumping high. Also, you can dress (or undress) Dora item by item without clogging up the inventory.
Unfortunately, due to my messing about there is a silly little bug that drops both items if you pick up an item and then try to drop another item without closing the inventory window first, or sometimes, not moving before dropping another item.
As usual, press return/action to enter doorways etc.

Dora to the Rescue
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AddedApr 2, 2019
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