Dizzy - The Next Generation
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Author: Bubblefox
Programmers: Bubblefox


It is 30 years after the adventures of Dizzy and the demise of Zaks.
Daisy ran off and married a rich footballer and Dizzy went crazy and turned into a clone of his late Grand Father, Grand Dizzy.
Dora and Denzil flew the nest and got married, Dylan is in a coma after a few too many mind-altering substances, which actually makes no real difference to him, and Dozy is doing what he does best, this time he is 6 ft under after falling asleep under an apple tree during a big storm. 
Dizzy Jr was adopted by a group of lovely trolls.
Ever since the spell of Zaks left the trolls, they had returned to their good selves and had no memory of what occured. Well... almost.
Dizzy was out one day, picking flowers for his mother when all of a sudden an old wizard appeared before him.
"You must go to the abandonded village. A great evil has arisen and must be stopped."
Dizzy was shocked as the Wizard disappeared in a flash.
"I know who can help me" thought Dizzy.
"Everyone says he is crazy though".
Dizzy went home, made his mother a cup of tea, and asked her where to find his father Dizzy Snr.
"That egg is a crazy old fool. He speaks stories of destroying an evil wizard and becoming King of Magicland. If you ask me, he spent too much time around Dylan"
Dizzy went off to the hospital his father was kept at.
When he got there, the hospital was on fire and there was utter devestation leading off to the abandoned village.
His father was nowhere to be found.
The firetroll brought out a little black book and handed it to Dizzy.
The cover read: In Times of Great Danger, Please Pass This Book Onto My Son.
Dizzy opened the book, and it had detailed chronicles on his fathers earlier adventures, from making the potion to rid Khatmandu of Zaks, to escaping from the desert island, rescuing his pals from various magical lands and the final showdown with Zaks in his Crystal Kingdom.
Also was the secret to performing the Somersault.
So, Dizzy headed off to the abandoned village, perfecting the jump on the way... 


Arrows = Move
Space / Up Arrow = Jump
Enter = Pick Up Object / Examine Inventory
1, 2 or 3 (not Keypad) = Use / Drop item
Shift = Examine Object / Eat Fruit / Pick Up Diamond
F3 = Toggle Small / Medium /Large screen
F4 = Full Screen
F5 = Save Game
F8 = Load Game
Q = Quit Game

Dizzy - The Next Generation
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv1.2
File Size1.24MbDownloads18248
AddedJan 15, 2007
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