Dizzy and the Raven's Hex
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Author: Eleanor Burns
Programmers: Eleanor Burns
Musician: Lost Radikals

How to install:

Having downloaded and unzipped all files …

1. Open the unzipped folder “RavensHexGame” and run the “Setup” program. Follow the instructions. Following the setup, a link for the game should appear within your desktop menu, and a folder within “Program Files”.
Move the unzipped folder “RavensHexSound” directly to your C:// drive (Do not place it within another folder).
If your computer does not have the game font (“Informal Roman”) then you can install it by using the enclosed file “INFROMAN.TTF” (Double-click on it to get an install option). If the font in the game looks strange, this is probably the cause.


The new factory town of Morgenholt, located deep within ancient fay woodlands, has recently been troubled by a mysterious and baleful haunting.
Squire Whateley, leader of the town and owner of its factory, has sent for the most daring and resourceful hero in the kingdom to investigate and put an end to this menace.
Which is where a certain familiar ovoid steps into the scene.
Has boxing gloves, will travel...


- Cursor keys – Move Dizzy (Advance, retreat, turn).
- Cursor keys + Alt – Move the camera (Zoom in or out, change angle).
- Page up and page down – Change the tilt of the camera.
- Space – Jump (or fly, under special circumstances …).
- M – Toggle music on and off.
- Q – Quit to Windows.
- Ctrl – The all-purpose interaction button (equivalent to the fire button in a traditional Dizzy game).
Depending on your position in the game world, the ctrl key can open doors, read scrolls, pick up items, and perform other miscellaneous actions.
At all other times, it is used to open your status / inventory screen in order to check on items carried, health remaining, and location.
- Keys 1-4 – In the status screen, use these keys to drop items from their respective inventory slots (if they are full).


Dizzy has 500 units of health than can be fully replenished by the occasional first aid packs he will find. 

Health is depleted by many hazards, including fire, deep water, and spikes.
Health is represented by the heart in the corner of the game screen, which shrinks as health depletes.
To check its precise level, open your status screen (using the ctrl key).
Dizzy can carry up to four items. Some may be more useful than others …
Scrolls contain valuable hints.

Dizzy and the Raven's Hex
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